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About Us

Bio2go™ Health was founded under the belief that natural, clean, and the organic nutrient rich whole food is the best source of nutrients that our bodies need to maintain good health.

Bio2go™ products are a great option for those that need a frequent detox cleanse of their kidneys, lymph, liver, and other major organs. Our products are all natural, safe, and gentle to your body.

Our mission is to persistently bring the top organic natural detox supplements to our customers.

Bio2go™ Health products have been approved by Health Canada as indicated by its NPN (Natural Health Product) number and manufactured at facilities that are Health Canada NHP site licensed.

Our farm has tapped into over 50 years of experience, uses the latest methods and patented technology to create our products, and has the strictest quality control. This allows us to manufacture the best pharmaceutical grade organic detox supplements for customers.