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Chlorella Virus (Will it make you dumber?)

Chlorella Virus (Will it make you dumber?)


On November 11, 2014, scientists found a virus called chlorella virus ATCV-1. This virus can affect the cognitive abilities of healthy people.

The findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and shocked many chlorella consumers.

We took a closer look at the research paper and found that the chlorella virus will only infect certain species of chlorella. The question you should be asking is, "what species of chlorella can help you avoid the virus?"

The species of Bio2go™ chlorella products is chlorella sorokiniana (formerly known as chlorella pyrenoidosa). Chlorella sorokiniana is a species that will not be infected by Chlorella virus ATCV-1.

All of Bio2go™ chlorella products and Bio2go™ chlorella and spirulina 50/50 tablets are 100% safe to eat.


Comparison of Bio2go™ chlorella and infected chlorellas species


Bio2go™ Chlorella

Infected chlorellas ATCV-1 (zoochlorellae)


  • Bio2go™ Chlorella Sorokiniana


  •  Chlorella NC64A (renamed C. variabilis)

  • Chlorella Pbi  (renamed M. conductrix)
  • C. heliozoae





    • Grow in the man-made outdoor water pond.
    • Cultured in strictly controlled mountain spring water under GMP.
    • Grow in wild lake
    • Zoochlorellae grows with paramecium, hydra viridis, A.turfacea, other ocean invertebrates, and Protozoa.
    • Will be infected easily

    Is it safe to eat?


    • Yes
    • Bio2go™ Organic chlorella is meticulously tested at every stage of cultivation and production in the high-end third-party lab. It is completely free from heavy metal, algal toxins, and radiation.
    • Our farm has more than 50 years in algae production, our chlorella has been recognized with numerous awards.



    • No
    • Affecting cognitive abilities in healthy people.




    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Oct 27. pii: 201418895.
    Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the human oropharyngeal virome and is associated with changes in cognitive functions in humans and mice.





    Questions to Ask to Guarantee You Can Find Good Quality Chlorella

    What is the difference between Chlorella Pyrenoidosa and Chlorella Sorokiniana?

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