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Add Chlorella As A Superfood In Your Daily Meal

Add Chlorella As A Superfood In Your Daily Meal

The power of food never ceases to amaze me. One powerful little food and I literally mean tiny, is called chlorella. It is one miniscule cell in size. But in this case, size doesn’t matter for this superfood.

It has so many tremendous potential benefits that it has become part of my daily routine. Taking chlorella is one step that reduces* the toxic burden in the body safely.

In this blog, I will explore the nutritional aspects, proven health benefits, and reasons to consider eating or supplementing chlorella.

It finally hit me after a visit to the dentist where I had to contend with the removal of one of my amalgam fillings in my tooth.

From these fillings, I am exposed to larger amounts of mercury that could be healthy, and I have many of these lovely fillings remaining in my mouth.

The fact is, amalgam or “silver” fillings are about 50% mercury; low and slow amounts steadily get released into the saliva daily.

Then saliva goes down into the stomach, becoming absorbed into the rest of the body. I really am exposed to more mercury than is safe for my body[1], and you may be facing the same issues.

Time to get proactive with my health. Time to find safe ways to get mercury out of my body; my research led me to chlorella.

I learned that chlorella is so safe and so nutritious, that I even offer it to my kids every day. And they have yet to complain because it is so easy to take. More on the nutrition and supplementation aspects later.


Are You Getting Too Much Mercury?

Mercury goes largely untested in routine health exams. And yet, exposure to low doses of mercury throughout the lifespan pose numerous health concerns, including nerve damage, cardiovascular, and kidney complications.

This heavy metal can be found as a pollutant in water, old school laboratories, some types of fish, some costume jewelry, and of course “silver” fillings for cavities[2] to name a few.

Symptoms Of Heavy Metal Toxicity In The Body Can Include:

Toxicity In The Body

Long-term exposure at low levels of mercury or other heavy metals can be difficult to detect because symptoms of toxicity can be subtle and cumulative. The toxicity can also be challenging to detect because metals become sequestered away in our bodies’ tissues, not in the blood.
Don’t despair; many successful and natural options to help the body clear these metals exist. First to consider would be the removal of amalgam fillings.

But in my case, it is rather challenging due to the potential loss of integrity of the tooth from amalgam removal.

So, I turn for now to natural foods and supplements that help me safely remove* heavy metals. As a bonus, these natural options also can benefit other aspects of my health.

Chlorella Info

What Are The Benefits Of Chlorella?

Chlorella may be a new term to you, but it really is a superfood that has been used for centuries as such in areas like Japan. It is like spirulina algae but happens to have some nutrient advantages over spirulina.

  • This fascinating plant appears to have the ability to remove* mercury from neurological tissue and even keep mercury from transferring into the wombs of pregnant mice[3].
  • It has also been shown to increase* removal of mercury from the body via the feces and the urine[4]. Chlorella appears to also prevent other heavy metals[5] like cadmium and lead from absorbing into the body[6].
  • If reducing* heavy metal burden in the body wasn’t enough reason to consider adding chlorella, it also appears to reduce* radiation damage to the body[7].
  • It can also help with weight loss* and regulate hormones, glucose levels, and cholesterol levels[8]. It may protect the body by reducing* visceral, or intra-organ fats, the most harmful kind of fat in the body for your health[9].
  • Chlorella reduces* inflammation and even may help the immune response in a disease like hepatitis C. More importantly, patients taking chlorella with this infection had improvements in their energy levels and improvement in their liver enzymes[10].
  • Many people claim that chlorella helps the skin look younger. I have yet to find research to prove this, but because it works to detoxify, it makes sense logically.


How Do You Supplement With Chlorella?

Supplement With Chlorella

Chlorella is an inexpensive way to boost* health in the body. Make sure to choose broken-cell wall chlorella; these tiny algae have tough cell walls that need to be mechanically broken apart so that they can bind dangerous heavy metals like mercury.

Another important supplementation guideline is to start slow and work your way up to 8000 mg per day.

Quick removal of mercury from the body can create a temporary worsening of symptoms of toxicity, so it is best to add little by little. I suggest starting with 2 small tablets and working your way up slowly over a month to 1 oz equivalent per day.

A perk to chlorella is that it doesn’t carry contamination risks that you have to watch out for with other types of algae supplements.

If you add in cilantro, you may reap the benefits of heavy metal removal even more quickly. Keep in mind, a healthy diet and healthy microbiome (gut bacteria) also help the body remove* heavy metals.

Sweating and exercise help as well. Consider probiotic supplementation and eating fermented foods daily because the healthy bacteria can help prevent absorption of heavy metals.

Nutritional content of chlorella boasts a large amount of often-deficient minerals, including iodine, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

In fact, per 1 oz, it meets the RDA for:

It provides about one-third of magnesium RDA in 1 oz or 28 grams of chlorella. Keep in mind, this would be a lot of supplement even at 1 oz (3 Tbsp.), and I would never recommend starting at that high of an amount.

It also contains a lot of B-vitamins and carotenoids, AKA vitamin A precursors.

As with any food, allergic reactions could occur.



In summary, these mighty little one-celled algae called chlorella have numerous health benefits, including the safe removal of heavy metals from the body. It may help weight loss*, improve* cholesterol and body composition. Chlorella should be an easy add-on to your life too.



Questions to Ask to Guarantee You Can Find Good Quality Chlorella

What is the difference between Chlorella Pyrenoidosa and Chlorella Sorokiniana?




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